Video / VGA/DVI signal converter

Feb 28th, 2014

Item Model: CJ-GS2 CJ-GS2 converter whether one separate the synchronous RGBHV input signal, turns into standard VGA(DB15) green synchronous RGsB Apparatus of the outcoming signal.

Technical parameter *Input interface: BNC (RGsB or RGBHV) *Output interface: VGA (DB15) *RGB passway input impedance: High impedance inputs the definition to support: 640× 480,800× 600,1024× 768,1280× 1024, 1600& times; Bandwidth 1280: 300MHz(-3dB) Output impedence: 75Ω *The input impedance of synchronous passway: 1KΩ Input level: 0.7-5V p-p inputs horizontal frequency: 15.75KHz – 95KHz outputs the field frequency: 60Hz – 120Hz output impedence: 75Ω Outgoing level: TTL * External power source: AC220V * Physical dimension: (D× W× H)185mm× 140mm× 50mm

*Weight: 0.5Kg 3. The products can couple the signal direct diversion of the host computer to present standard liquid crystal display while employing this product. Extensively suitable for the display equipment of all kinds of imported instruments: Import medical treatment outdatedly and use the CRT display device (such as CT machine display unit, Ultrasonography B display unit, microscope display unit) ,The industry display unit of operating station, the vessel uses and imports the display unit, the moulding plastics machine uses the display unit, the display unit of the analysis meter, electron microscope RGB display unit, import the display unit of the NC machine tool (SIEMENS/MAZAK/FANUC,etc.) outdatedly ,SMT revealing device, imports the revealing device in finance, the airport, railway, specialized revealing device of telecommunication, it is used that the CRT display device that the bowling alley waits for early years to import is convertible. The characteristic of the chance-over signal is steady, the display effect is the same as original packaging display unit. A2. The video / tabular code number type characteristic of the VGA/DVI series signal converter products is simple to state 1 CJ-V2G video / S – video input, VGA exports. Definition 1280& times; [email protected] Control mode: It is controlled that infrared 2 CJ-V2G2 is (specialized) The video / S – video / YCbCr is input, VGA/HDTV exports. It is (specialized) to export VGA-SXGA/480P-1080I 3 CJ-V2G5 The video / S – video / YCbCr is input, DVI-I exports. Export VGA-SXGA/480P-1080I 4 CJ-G2V VGA to input, the video / S – video output. VGA definition supports VGA-SXGA. Control mode: Infrared to control 5 CJ-G2RGsB VGA input, RGsB/RGBHs export, walk about phase place can transfer the intersection of 6 CJ-GS2 and green synchronous the intersection of RGsB/RGBHV and signal input, VGA output 7 CJ-G2DVI VGA is input, DVI(24pin) Output. Export adjustably ‘ Contrast degree, brilliance, color, sharp degree and level and vertical position) . Control mode: The faceplate controls 8 CJ-DVI2G DVI-D(24pin) according to the key OSD, RS232 Input, RGBHV, RGBHs or RGsB export. VGA output format: VGA/SXGA,HDTV(480I/1080I) . Control mode: The faceplate controls 9 CJ-DVI2I DVI-D(24pin) according to the key OSD Input, DVI-I (figure + simulation RGB) Output. VGA output format: VGA/SXGA,HDTV(480I/1080I) . Control mode: The faceplate is controlled according to the key OSD

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