Waterproof touch-sensitive screen CTA151C-4FW

Feb 28th, 2014

Product performance:
The surface supersonic wave of the principle, the plastic frame / aluminum alloy frame is waterproof and dustproof
Dustproof standard Accord with IP64
The waterproof standard accords with IP65 note: Very flexible demand, customer of foundation, make adaptive customization size and can make definitely, 10.4 inches – definition of 26 inches 4096× 4096,256 grades of materials of Z axis Make the intersection of mirror and grades of electronic glass (armoured anti-dazzle, defend, reflect, it is available for anti-peeping to wait for) Light transmission lead 90% – less than the intersection of 16ms and location accuracy, less than 2mm, touch life-span, greater than, touch medium finger by 50 million times by 92% response time, not working temperatures of 7 grades – 10& deg of surface hardness such as rubbery flexible pen,etc.; C to +50° C stores temperature – 20& deg; C to +60° C survivability resisted and swiped, can bear and touch and fit the rule to authorize CE over the simple point 50 million or more times, FCC, RoHS

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