With what starting cabinet to protect the electrical machinery XYJR-30KW

Jan 16th, 2018

Star’s foreword:

The soft starting cabinet specialized factory that first in China authorized through CCC, popularize enterprises especially in new technology in Shanghai. The soft starting cabinet of imperial tomb of huge rock is extensively suitable for the start of the electrical machineries of occasions such as the metallurgy, mine, chemical industry, water supply,etc., it is traditional star triangular magnetic starter’s, reducing pressure from lotus root ideal substitute products such as starting cabinet, reactor, the products operate the overall switch contactlessly, does not have electric arc, are applicable to various special occasions. Welcome the incoming telegram or messenger to consult and negotiate cooperation: 135-8891-2365 or 135-8893-2157

Characteristic and characteristic of the soft starting cabinet of imperial tomb of huge rock:
1,It is powerful to protect: Have year, overvoltage, voltage shortage, excessive load, shorts out, over the ground, excessive heating, passing in and out the line and lacking equal multiple protection functions.
2,Have long performance life, safeguard the low cost: Not without the contact apparatus of the bypass, since start, operate and achieved by approximately perfect contactless control technique of the triode thyristor in the whole course to park, the life time of the starting cabinet is lengthened greatly, the maintenance cost drops greatly.
3,The applicable scope is wide: The main circuit does not have mechanical switch, so is contactless and not having electric arc, having no flame, can adapt to severe environments such as the cigarette, dust,etc. in the working phase.
4,Easy to operate, old and new electricians are all apt to be grasped: The regulation of starting time, starting voltage, starting current only needs using on the potentiometer ” The opener ” Rotation regulation, operation is concise and ocular, preventing the data from setting up and complicated accommodating procedure of code management, no matter the old and new electrician can employ freely.
5,Small, light: Products small and weight reduce pressure lotus root only starter box 1/3 about, very convenient transformation to the old apparatus; Some products can be hung directly and can be used on the wall.
6,Quality is reliable: Adopt leading intellectual control technique and harsh producing factory’s experiment, the products use reliability remarkably.
7,Save energy and reduce the cost: The experiment of customer in Guizhou, the processing factory of crushed stone changes from auto-coupling starting cabinet to and uses 7 (online and energy-efficient) XYJR electrical machinery soft start control cabinets And then, save more than 3000 yuan of electric rate per month. Note: The power of 7 control cabinets is of different size. Energy-conserving king: The saving electric rate is enough to offset the purchase price of starting cabinet in one year.
8,The start at any time, unrestricted: This starting cabinet of start at any time depending upon need, is not cooled and limited. Example: The starts per hour of the auto-coupling starting cabinet can’t exceed twice.

Energy-conserving king: The saving electric rate is enough to offset the purchase price of starting cabinet, very saving easy-consuming fitting in one year.
Promise a king: The caveat vendor in one month, guarantee the repair free of charge (note in one year: Except operating damage violably) .
Protect a king: Importing the protector, advanced circuit board, semiconductor transmits and increases a lot of protection functions for the whole product.
Easy to operate and operating steadily; Without mechanical switch and contact apparatus, can adapt to severe environments such as the cigarette, dust,etc..

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