Worker’s accusing of machine IPC-910 (AIMB-945 / pair nuclear 2.7/2G/320G)

Jan 7th, 2012

Brand: Grind the great worker to accuse of

Name: Worker’s accusing of machine IPC-910 (AIMB-945 / pair nuclear 2.7/2G/320G)

Type: IPC-910

About products:

Mobile: 13618466396 Tel.: 0731-84587416 QQ: 214390423 Postbox: [email protected] contact: Yellow flat B-810 of Cyber Port of collection of hundreds of computers of Middle Road of refined people in Changsha of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

The products are detailed:

Machine case

IPC-910 (including the power)

Main board



Cool Rui E5300

Memory one

DDR2 2G Memory

Hard disk


Optical drive

DVD Optical drive

Keyboard /Mouse

A set of piece of photoelectricity

–4U is strong type to have the posture machine case, installs the way in standard
–Can match many kinds of industrial motherboards, products lifespan is long
–The port of leading USB and PS/2, security is focused on and designed
–Can match 2 times 5.25 ” With 3 times 3.5 ” Apparatus
–Industry’s damped framework, guarantee hard disk data’s security

Product specification
Organization’s parameter

The whole steel construction of high strength of material

2 times 5.25 disk drives ” With 3 times 3.5 ” Disk drive shelf

Install the way 19 ” Framework type

The input AC220V of power is imported, power 300W

Overall size 482.6×177.8x452mm (width x high and x deep)

Point out and control switch, HDD, POWER indicator lamp

I/O port USB and PS/2

Host computer board ATX industrial motherboard

Heat-dissipating system 2 90mm ball fans and power fans at a high speed are with low noise with

Design dustproofly

The complete machine weight 15Kg

Environmental parameter

Working temperature is 0~50 ℃

Store temperature – 20~60 ℃

Relative temperature 10~95% @ 40 ℃( Have not condensed)

Shake (work) 1.0G, 50~500Hz, shakes at random

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