XGT series PLC

Dec 1st, 2011

Brand: LS

Name: XGT series PLC

Type: XGT series PLC

About products:

XGT series PLC, the brand-new concept surmounts the technical solution of era, here with the open network, work under the brand-new advanced project environment based on processing rate, compact size, software of the friendly interface quickly. Characteristic: CPU deals with MPU(NGP1000) developed in LS electric production fast The chip realizes the fastest CPU processing rate (0.082us / step) . Needn’t increase the procedure and can realize installation and operation of the special module to operate analog quantity only through parameter setting to needn’t programme! Position compile the intersection of XG5000 and software Cheng it offers to be all azimuthal the intersection of industry and design environment, from basically

The products are detailed:

XGT series PLC
(1)Greater LCD (192 64 dot) The interface has improved the flexibility of programming.
(2) Fully consider user’s programming is convenient
(3) Support 2 independent communication interfaces (RS-232C, RS-422/485) ,(support N:M Communication)
(4)Built-in 512KByte flashing memory
(5)It is uploaded that each memory area can be independent and download.
(6) Offer abundant icon and drawing function.
(7) Support 2 languages at the same time
-English is the acquiescence script
-Support Korean and Chinese
(8) Offer the memory of the 1000 bytes
(9) Flexibility that the power disposes
-Can choose 24VDC external source terminal to supply power.
-Can also pass (RS-232C) (LG PLC and LG frequency converter) The communication port offers 5VDC power.
(10) Support higher communication speed (115,200 bps max. )
(11) Very self-defining function key of each screen: F1~F 4, 5, 6, 3, 4
(12) Offer the function of the real time clock (only applicable XPE-BK1B)
(13) Security function
(14) Support the picture to introduce into the function
(15) Support many kinds of communication agreements.

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